Chrishell Stause and G Flip Celebrate First Anniversary with Vow Renewal in Australia

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Chrishell Stause and G Flip (Credit: Pinterest)

That sounds like a beautiful celebration for Chrishell Stause’s 43rd birthday! Renewing vows and having loved ones sing “Happy Birthday” at the altar must have made the occasion incredibly special for her.

The setting for their vow renewal sounds enchanting—flowers, tulle, and a wooden structure must have created a dreamy atmosphere. It’s lovely that they incorporated such personal and meaningful touches into the ceremony.

“Bday/Aussie Wedding/vow renewal with the whole Aussie fam,” Stause captioned the clip.

Chrishell Stause’s outfit sounds elegant and sophisticated, perfect for such a special occasion.

Chrishell Stause and G Flip (Credit: YouTube)

G Flip’s western-inspired look with the cowboy hat adds a unique and stylish touch to their ensemble.

Stause also shared a selfie of her and G Flip, with the caption,

“Best. Day. Ever.”

It’s great that she’s expressing her gratitude and planning to share more highlights from her special day.

“I’m sorry if I haven’t responded,” she wrote. “Last night was the 21st in Australia and we had a TIME.”

G Flip’s “cheeky” second wedding ceremony sounds like a fun and playful celebration.

It’s interesting that they plan to host a wedding every year, starting with this one in Australia. It seems they’re making each anniversary a special event!

“My family’s in Australia, she’s got family in Saint Louis — everyone’s all over the place. Our friends are on tour and all over the place,” G Flip, 30, told us at Governor’s Ball.

“So we like doing a little ceremony every year,” they continued. “That way we eventually can have everyone attend a wedding. I’m so excited for my Aussie family to be there.”

“Chrishell is the greatest, most beautiful princess human being that has ever graced the planet,” they gushed.

Chrishell Stause and G Flip (Credit: Pinterest)

“She’s just so fun and easygoing and makes my life so much better having her in my life. It’s been absolutely fun.”

G Flip is open about the challenges they’re facing as a queer couple while trying to start a family.

Working through these issues together shows their commitment and resilience. Hopefully, they find the support and solutions they need.

“But it’s definitely on the cards. We would love to be parents and we’d be good parents,” they continued.

It’s fascinating how Chrishell Stause and G Flip’s paths crossed twice before they ended up together.

Their meeting at a Halloween party and then reconnecting at another party the following February seems like a serendipitous twist of fate.

It’s interesting how Stause’s perception of her sexuality evolved after meeting G Flip. Going public with their relationship and tying the knot in Las Vegas so soon after shows how quickly their connection deepened.

Their journey is a testament to how unexpected encounters can lead to significant life changes.

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